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We use the services of Silverman Sherliker LLP Solicitors, who are specialists in this area of Law.

The IP Office have recently brought in the means for people to regsiter their own trademarks but, unless you know exactly what you are doing, this could be dangerous for you. We believe it is best to employ the services of a specialist so you can be sure that things are done correctly.

Silverman Sherlicker's trademark registration service is an advice-based service. This means that you will have the benefit of discussing your trademark registration strategy and any concerns with a trademark expert before you proceed. This is a completely free service that they provide to make sure you get the strongest possible trademark registration. This is definitely not something that should be entrusted to an automatic computer search programme. Professional judgement is always necessary to ensure that you get the best possible trademark protection. So contact one of their experts who can exercise the necessary professional care to ensure that you receive the best possible trademark registration advice.

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fast, professional trademark registration from the leading experts

This is the quick, easy way to register a trademark before you commit to any cost and with the benefit of some proper legal advice first.

Just take a few moments to complete the form below.

The legal team will then carry out a free trademark search for you and will report the results free of charge. They will then carry out a comprehensive legal appraisal of your proposed name to ensure that it meets the criteria for trademark registration.

They will then provide you with a firm quotation for registering your trademark.

So, before you commit to any cost at all, you will have the benefit of a free legal appraisal of your trademark, a free trademark search by trademark experts, a free search report ...and free legal advice from a qualified trademark solicitor.

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