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Reclaim Capital Expenditures

Reclaim Capital Expenditures

  • Reclaim Capital Expenditures
  • Why should I claim?
  • What will it Cost?
  • Am I Eligible?
  • How do I Apply?

A Capital Allowance is an allowance against income or corporation tax available to businesses or sole traders who have purchased plant and machinery for business use.

This can include 'Second Fix', for example the installation of Lifts, Air Conditioning, Lighting, etc. within a hotel.

Why should I claim?

The Government wants businesses to claim this allowance as it promotes improvements to buildings, plant and machinery. This will lead to reduced demand for electrical power through using more efficient equipment; will improve the quality of buildings and of working environments and increase demand for manufacturing and sales.

Estimates show that 95% of Commercial Property Owners have not made claims - per Capital Reclaims Ltd.

If you own a Hotel, Pub, Restaurant, Club, Retirement Home, Shopping Arcade or any of a variety of commercial buildings, you may have an unclaimed allowane. This could entitle you to a lump sum repayment and a reduced tax bill in the future.

What will it Cost?

No Win, No fee - There is no upfront fee and no fee to evaluate the size of any allowances

Capital Reclaims offer very competitive rates and two payment terms, so you can choose which works best for you and your circumstances.

1. The “symmetry package”- this is the lowest cost fee structure, best suited for clients without cashflow issues.
i. The fee is 6% +VAT of the Capital Allownces identified on your commercial property
ii. You pay 50% of the fee on the day that your claim has been valaidated by HMRC
iii. The balance of the fees are paid 28 days later.
2. The “cashflow package”- this is ideal for clients, who want the fees to be taken from the payments made by HMRC, so avoiding any cashflow issues
i. The fee is 8.15%+VAT of the Capital Allownces identified on your commercial
property ii. The fees are taken from the refund from HMRC

Am I Eligible?

Can you say yes to the following?

a. You own a UK based commercial property - for example a Hotel or Furnished Holiday Lets
b. The Purchase price of the property was over £200,000
c. The property is not owned by a pension, charity or developer
d. You have paid tax in the past 2 years - or you are going to pay tax in the future

If you have answered yes to all of the above…you have probably paid too much tax and you will be owed £000’s by HMRC.

How do I Apply?

Email us with the following information and we will get a Specialist to contact you:

Your Name:
Your Company Name (If appropriate):
Contact Address, including postcode:
Tel Number:
Fax Number:

Accountant Name:
Address, including postcode
Tel Number:
Fax Number:

Solicitor Name:
Address, including postcode
Tel Number:
Fax Number:

Property to be surveyed:
Address, including postcode:
Land Title Number:
Date Purchased:
Date sold (if relevant):
Purchase Price:
Post purchase expenditure:
Description of property and current use:
Mortgage Balance:
Term Remaining:
Monthly payment:
Current Insurer:
Sum Assured:
Renewal date:
Key Holder, for access:
Contact Details: